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Cocktail Classes Glasgow 

Learn to shake cocktails like a pro! A private Cocktail Class is the  perfect way to kick off your hens celebration in Glasgow. Tips &  tricks will be shared by the professional staff as they guide you from  traditional to modern drinks in your 2 hour Cocktail Masterclass in  Glasgow of fun & madness.   We will bring all the gear, glassware and ingredients on the day at  your house/apartment in Glasgow, on request we also travel outside  city limits! Sip proudly on your cocktail creations with your best girls  as our bartenders take you through the steps on how to shake up the  perfect cocktail! It’s hens night Glasgow creative bliss!  Get your hens or any 8 of your favourite people together and get  ready for a night a shaking ladies!   
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We make Hire a Bartender in Glasgow as

easy as 1-2-3! Let us know the date, type

of function, chose your server and that’s

it! Like we said 1-2-3!


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Hire a Bartender in Glasgow

cocktail classes glasgow
Hire a Cocktail Bartender in Glasgow, service provided for Birthday Parties, Hen Party & Weddings, Corporate Banquets!
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Cocktail Waiters & Flair Bartender Hire Glasgow

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Birthdays, Weddings, Hen Parties or  Dinner Parties - we have the perfect  barmen to match your requirements.   Our bartenders will look after every aspect of  the drinks service and will serve your guests in  style while you will be able to enjoy your  party. Hire a bartender in Glasgow today and let us  help you decide on your cocktail menu. We  offer a great quality service at a good rate, for  more details send us an email here.  
Are you looking for something to wow  your guests at your next party and you  got stuck for ideas? Let us point you in  the right direction - Hire a Flair Bartender and  you will really capture everyone’s attention!  Our bartenders are driven by passion, we only  work with the best! From  professional  flair  bartenders to barmen and cocktail waiters  available for hire our people have the  energy  to take your next special event from ordinary  to  extraordinary!  
Is your long awaited Hen Party in  Glasgow coming soon and you are  looking for something fun to do? Book one of our Cocktail Classes in Glasgow and  let us look after your ladies in style! Let our  experienced  bartenders keep you moving and  shaking all night long. They're entertaining and  charming, they're perfect gentlemen and they  will help you kick start your hen party in  Glasgow in style! Cocktail Classes Glasgow -  only the best for you ladies! 

Want to learn how to make amazing cocktails in a fun and relaxed environment? Keep reading, the following is for you. Our classes... 
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Birthdays Parties, Hen nights or Dinner Parties are all meant to be enjoyed! Why get  stuck with a bottle in hand running around to make sure the glasses are full, leave it  to the professionals - Hire a Cocktail Bartender and let us handle the pressure for you!  Get ready for a night of serious fun, hire a bartender in Glasgow at your next party  and you will be able to entertain your guests and have fun as well. Professionals,  charming and excellent bar skills, our cocktail waiters available for hire in Glasgow  will help you put together the perfect party. 
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Hen Party Cocktail Making Classes in Glasgow, Fun Mobile Classes

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Cocktail Bartender Services For Hire 

Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham

Bartender Service Only
We provide the barman and the cocktail  making gear, you source the rest - glasses  and ingredients!
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Full Bar Package
Cocktail Bartender Hire Service, Cocktail  Glasses Hire, Mobile Bar & Ingredients. We  take care of everything! 
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Cocktail Making Classes

Best Cocktail Classes in Glasgow! We will  come at your house/apartment...want to  know more?
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Mobile Cocktail Services Hire

Equipment Hire
We provide Cocktail Glasses available for  hire and Mobile Bars. Want to know more?
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